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In my jewellery atelier I create unique pieces of jewellery by adding pearls and gemstones. 3 colours of kumihimo are currently available: light blue, yellow and rose.


As each gemstone added is unique, each bracelet does exist only once. Below you just see a small selection, please let me know your favorite stone, the colour of the kumihimo and the length you wish, and you will get your very unique piece of jewellery. 

Some background information about kumihimo:

The kumihimo cords I use to make bracelets are made by the Japanese kumihimo artisan Ryukobo. Ryukobo is a family business founded in 1889 and since then the knowledge of the braiding technique is given to the next generation. Kumihimo is usually used as a kimono accessory. When I visit their workshop in Nihonbashi/Tokyo, where father and son are working, I feel like entering another world. They taught me how to braid kumihimo and it is fascinating in which precision and concentration they are doing their work. And they truly love what they do, kumihimo is their passion! Some artisan businesses are disappearing because the next generation is not interested in taking it over. However, Ryukobo continues to explore the possibilities of how to use kumihimo cords and he is developing new products that capture modern needs. It is about finding a balance between keeping the traditional craft and the flexibility of introducing a change. One of their recent projects was in collaboration with the artist Noritaka Tatehana to make a Lady Gaga inspired "KUMIHIMO Heel-less Shoe".

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